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A custom online portal that bridges data and clients


Moore Stephens is an accounting service firm located across five states within Australia. They are a forward-thinking organisation with a clear focus on providing a high level of digital and IT services and tools for their clients.

The Challenge

As part of an on-going push to supply their clients with IT and Digital Services, Moore Stephens approached us to create an online client portal. They required a purpose built system to ­­­­­­­­­­support complex and customisable forms and reports to allow them to effectively communicate with their clients. Plus, they needed a platform that had the ability to push future digital services and offerings.

This was no simple task and as such required an Agile approach and full collaboration from our Senior Solution Architect, Development Operations Manager and Web Development team based in Perth.

The Solution

The Integranet team see the importance of keeping up with today’s digital world and the need for a digital strategy that embraces the latest technologies, and adapts alongside the audience in order to improve service offerings.

To solve Moore Stephens  business issue, the Online Client Portal was architected utilising a custom built calculation engine, built in to the Kentico CMS  by our experienced team. This allowed staff at Moore Stephens to create custom reports and web applications using commonly available accounting software, as well as permitting them to manage the website content in an easy to use, user friendly manner.

The new online client portal also ensures a secure separation of data between clients, which is essential to the integrity of the system. Prior to designing and building, our team make sure they are aware of all digital requirements and choose a digital solution specifically to match the specifications. The new portal needed to use:

  • A world class CMS, which is also cost effective for development by providing a large range of out of the box functionality.
  • Clear and concise user experiences, with in-depth workshops to identify key requirements for users.
  • Innovative information architecture and structure that can change and grow with the organisation’s future growth.
  • Unique templated web-based portal for the client data upload.
  • Secure file transfer between Moore Stephens and their clients.

The Result

By using Kentico as a platform, Integranet were able to provide Moore Stephens an online client portal that facilitates collaboration, communication, reporting and translation of excel based documents into web-based forms, and then back again. These forms could be easily worked on using the portal and updated with relevant information. The information was then linked back to the original spreadsheets hosted on SharePoint. This innovative link both increased the simplicity of using the documents, as well as enhancing the user experience. Overall the tool streamlined and enhanced the current ways in which the company operated and engaged with their clients.

The Moore Stephens’ Web Portal went live after extensive and rigorous testing. It not only provides incremental value to Moore Stephens, it has also separated these services from other potential competitors in the market. It was a pleasure to support another organisation in their chase for disruption and transformation through innovation.
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“It was a pleasure to partner with Moore Stephens in producing a completely customised online portal with powerful integrations. When the Moore Stephens team first approached us we were able to address current needs of the portal and also plan for future development. This was important to satisfy their projected growth and the way in which they planned to manage the solution in the future.

Since initial deployment we have continued to work closely with the team in supporting their development and navigating their on-going digital transformation requirements.”

Stephen D'Cruz Senior Solution Architect, Integranet

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