Perth Zoo is a top tourist attraction in Western Australia that requires occupational health and safety to be front of mind at all times. We developed a new OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) business application, allowing Perth Zoo managers the ability to enter information onto the solution, which in turn saves the data/forms for later reporting or investigation by the OSH management team.

The Challenge

Perth Zoo required a new business application that would provide a user with forms to capture OSH event data, support workflow through the organisation that leveraged Active Directory integration, and also integrate with the Excel reporting feature to produce a monthly automatic email report.

The Solution

To solve the problems Perth Zoo were facing, we created the Perth Zoo OSH Business Application to permit staff members to access, login and report OSH hazards and incidents. One of the other main objectives was to provide support for Perth Zoo OSH Managers, and allow the managers to easily identify and report on the incidents, outcomes, and resolutions.

Umbraco, a C# developed Open Source tool, was chosen by the Integranet Web Development Team as the base CMS for this system. Umbraco permits the website administrators a quick way to update the content of the OSH system and allows reuse of the Forms module of Umbraco for the input method of the OSH reports.

The Integranet team, here in Perth, understand that in today’s digital world, it is critical to any business to embrace digital applications to improve their business service offering.

The Results

The Perth Zoo OSH Application allows forms, once created, to enter the Perth Zoo workflow process and notifies managers of any OSH events automatically within the Zoo. This allows managers to then enter information onto the OSH report fields that are assigned to them and save the data/forms for later reporting or investigation by the OSH management team.

When a digital transformation is done right, it offers the solution to many current problems and future digital hurdles you could come across.

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