City of Stirling

Mobile application

Proof of Concept to connect with Stirling's residents using a mobile application


The City of Stirling (CoS) has a population of almost 202,000 and a rich, diverse natural and physical landscape covering approximately 100 sq. km. Their aim is to ensure that everyone living in their city can access information about their council in real time with a mobile application.

The Challenge

The City of Stirling required a proof of concept council specific  mobile application that allowed residents to have immediate access to news and events, as well as personalised  information on their specific interests. All of this needed to be accessible on a mobile application that was easy to use across a range of devices.

The Solution

When it comes to business, it is integral to be where your audience are, and meet their needs with ease and accessibility. This is where mobile applications in today’s digital world are key to numerous business solutions.

To solve The City of Stirling’s problem we created a proof of concept 'My Stirling Mobile Application'. Our web development team used Xamarin Forms for quick deployment to both Android and IOS devices.

A key focus for the City of Stirling was ensuring the events and news provided to the users were relevant to their interests. To ensure this requirement was met we implemented the AppPortal Personalisation engine which permits users to register 'likes' for topics or events. This information is then used to display the most relevant items when the user returns to the application.

The Results

The solution was delivered on time and to the scope of works authorised.  It provides CoS residents with a quick and easy way to find out when their bin days are, view upcoming events that interest them and receive general news about their council and local activities.

This application has yet to be released to the public, but in trials conducted to date it has demonstrated an increase in satisfaction of the council residents, giving them the ability to more easily communicate and interact with their council representatives.

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