Using Digital Transformation to Close the Gap in Customer Experiences

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Digital transformation through quality customer experiences has never been more important

Create opportunities for growth with the use of technology and integrations.

At Integranet Digital we've partnered with many Perth clients to help them understand and close the customer experience gap, using technology, systems and supporting them to think differently about change. In a report conducted by the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, they capture this information through a comprehensive survey conducted with a range of business leaders and organisations. Through their observations we are able to clearly understand and explore the issues faced in creating unique customer experiences and the benefits in overcoming them.

IT and business should partner to transform customer experiences.

According to Harvard Business Review (HBR) almost three-quarters of business leaders (73%) agreed that delivering a relevant and reliable customer experience is critical to their company’s overall business performance, with 93% agreeing that it would be critical for them in the next two years. But very few companies have the necessary technology systems in place to support  organisational and process changes required to reorient their business to the customer.
"This report has identified many barriers that prevent companies from gaining a single view of the customer. From organisational silos and data integration problems to data quality issues and inconsistent data collection, companies need solutions to the problems that stand between them and delivering personalised customer experiences. The successful companies that are using customer data to tailor experiences have identified that a company customer-centric focus and the use of emerging technologies are critical.

It is no wonder that the ability to easily analyse customer data and create actionable insights is becoming valuable. A single view of the customer from a single, integrated source of truth will prove invaluable as customers and technology continue to evolve together."
- John Wookey, Executive Vice President, Salesforce Platform.

Industry leaders use customer insights.

At Integranet Digital we help companies in Perth benefit from consumer insights. We know that if an organisation knows how to compile and action the data, they can enhance their user experience, customer satisfaction and ultimately achieve growth. Often, we find that old IT systems and business processes do not align with ambitious future focused goals. Our aim is to utilise technology already available as much as possible to minimise development costs, and then build custom integrations that can grow and adapt with our client's requirements. This includes reviewing the use of software, websites, intranets, portals, phone apps and more.

"Delivering a superior customer experience requires flexible software capable of ingesting and analysing growing volumes of data in various forms, and legacy systems are rarely capable of this task."
[Source HBR Report]

Over the years our team has seen the difference between industry leaders and those who are falling behind. We have made it our mission to empower our clients through a holistic digital transformation with extra-mile digital solutions.

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Customer relevance is crucial to a great experience.

Having information is power, but it is common that some organisations are not set up to capture data correctly. This is a shame in today's technological era as there has never been greater access to quality customer data, and leaders in the industry take full advantage of this fact.

"Data has a clear role to play in developing a superior customer experience — and companies have access to more information on their customers than ever before. Indeed, they are seeing an exponential increase in customer-related data, driven largely by social media, mobile, and e-commerce."
[Source HBR Report]

It is one thing to capture customer data, but another thing completely to action it into relevant and effective resources. There are a range of issues that impact the ability to use and understand data. Organisations should partner with UX leaders or specialists who can help translate and direct data into high quality strategic insights.

"Organisational silos, lack of funding, cultural resistance, and availability of skills are preventing most companies from creating a single source of customer intelligence available throughout the enterprise—long the Holy Grail for customer experience improvement. IT leaders can play a critical role in breaking down the organisational and technology silos holding customer data hostage and working with experienced vendors and consultants with the data and analytics capabilities and next generation technologies required to build a robust foundation for customer experience in the future. They must also work in partnership with customer experience leaders to tackle the larger strategic issues holding companies back."
[Source HBR Report]

Streamline your data using integrations.

There is always opportunity to change internal systems to adapt to the way data is captured, stored and communicated. If this is not closely monitored or reviewed, big data can become confusing, hard to breakdown and use.

"Three-quarters of companies are not able to act on the majority of data they collect, owing in large part to disjointed systems and data integration issues."

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Harvard Business Review report summary

The future of using technology to use data to enhance customer experiences is exciting, and it is important to spend the time in reviewing what you currently have in place, and what could be done better. The team at HBR close their report with a final summary and call to action that can provide a great starting point for your customer experience journey.

Customer experience is and will continue to be a key differentiator for all companies. While there are significant cultural, organisational, and technological barriers to customer experience transformation, there is also clarity around the requirements to overcoming them. Customer experience leaders will:

  • Have unambiguous executive support for customer experience transformation
  • Develop a clear customer experience transformation strategy built on desired customer experience outcomes
  • Create a customer-centric culture throughout the enterprise
  • Break down customer data and organisational silos
  • Align IT priorities with customer experience demands
  • Invest in next-generation customer technology that can deliver a single source of customer insight across functions
  • Partner with vendors and consultants with experience and skills required to collect, analyse, and act on expanding volumes of customer data
  • Empower employees to deliver and innovate around customer experience

If customer experience is something you want to learn more about, or need help with, get in touch with our team for a free consultation. We can break it all down in to simple language and partner with you as we position your business for growth.

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