How to Maximise Working From Home & This Era of Remote Workplaces

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Working remote and workplace isolation is a time to innovate and adapt

Working remote has its benefits, from avoiding peak hour traffic, to cutting out meaningless meetings.

Business leaders have the responsibility to adapt and be solution focussed. Here are some examples of opportunities, thanks to the space and time created due to working from home, and the way in which you should be thinking.

  • Consumer habits are changing – Is there a product, business model or service you could look to offer current and new clients?
  • Clients are isolated and frustrated with cancelled appointments – They suddenly have free time for a phone call and desperate for genuine support or offers that can help (now is not the time for spam).
  • Staff are distributed, isolated and information is all over the place – Can you implement a new cloud-based workspace and central source of truth (intranet or portal), or leverage tools available right now to increase community, transparency and collaboration.
  • Roles, responsibilities and timelines aren’t clear – Ask you leadership team to assess key organisational gaps and assign a team member to each of them. Now is a great time for staff to take on additional duties that could lead to a promotion or take on additional online training courses.
  • Downtime and lack of business opportunities – Schedule internal downtime projects now, get your fleet or equipment serviced, sort out your documents, conduct online training or look to create new service areas.
  • Sales are dropping and we have no new business – Invest in getting found through Google (SEO & SEM) or perhaps now the time to blog, update case studies or conduct meaningful email campaigns (EDMs).

We cannot encourage you enough to leverage the opportunity to get ahead of the disruption and issues around us.

If you have staff or clients, you need to adapt in order to support them. Look for practical steps to help your department up right now in a way that later as things calm down, you're glad you used this time effectively.

As patterns change your website can carry the load for your clients looking to access information, services and products.

A staff intranet will be key in allowing your local software or system to be accessible in the cloud (securely) so everyone can work remote, access the documents and tools they need. We will continue to remain ready to support your digital solutions, tools and implementations, give us a call to have a quick chat how we can help your organisation.

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