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Our digital and IT business analysts in Perth have extensive experience when it comes to reviewing the technical requirements and digital solutions of business systems. We understand what you do to unlock what you are trying to achieve.

Integranet is our primary digital provider for all development projects, whether joint with our internal team, or completed by them independently. They always provide the right experts according to the scope of work...
Saffron Soloman

Saffron Soloman

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Leading business analyst services in Perth

Our dedicated team of digital and IT business analyst service professionals in Perth, specialise in delivering strategic and beautifully crafted business IT solutions for many well-known clients on a variety of projects. Our main goal is to deliver your requirements on-time and within budget. Digital transformation might not happen overnight, but we are here to partner with you and guide you through your digital change.



Business analysis consulting services explained.

Firstly, what is business analysis (or BA)? When it comes to business analysis with Integranet Digital, you can expect the team to work between the business stakeholder and the technical staff within ICT. This technical way of working allows our digital team to get a better understanding of the business IT solution or need and translate that requirement into a technical solution.

Our business analysis services team have strong business skills, giving them a good understanding of different business outcomes, as well as strong technical skills to understand how a solution might be implemented, supported, and integrated with existing business IT systems.  Integranet Digital also has very strong communication and interpersonal skills to ensure an achievable, coordinated, economical, and successful outcome for your project, so you’re in safe hands.

Our BA results speak for themselves.

We have an extensive proven track record of providing business analysis consulting services across a range of business systems projects for our clients in Perth, WA. With Integranet Digital, you can rest assured that we can easily and readily undertake any project and deliver it effectively and on time.  Take a look here at what we have achieved for our clients in Perth.

Not sure if a business analyst is what your company requires?

We’d be happy to talk you through the investigative process and explain just how this bond between business and IT managed services could make all the difference - just give us a call.

How can my business benefit from business analysis consulting?

Business analytics benefit your business by partnering with you to achieve your goals while finding more efficient ways of working specifically around the use of digital and creating streamlined processes. They are highly specialised in capturing business challenges, noting down functional requirements and helping implement the end product for a smooth uptake internally.

How do I know if my business is suitable for BA?

Most businesses will benefit from partnering with a BA, we can tailor our BA packages in a way that ensures value is delivered to you. If you have a challenge or need to create efficiencies in your processes, speak with our team today.     

What can I expect once my business analysis is complete?

Our business analysts may be engaged to document or articulate your business challenges, at other times they help implement a new tool or process. The deliverable expected varies based on project type or scope of work needed. As our business analysts offer a wide range of support, speak with our team to find out more on what you can expect after having business analysis completed.

What does a business analyst do?

Business analysts work with businesses and teams to improve processes, methodologies and tools used. They research and analyse exactly what you are trying to achieve, and why you work in a certain way, holistically looking for weak points and opportunities to improve how you operate to create efficiencies. They help to validate challenges and articulate solutions for business problems, then help to implement these to ensure a smooth transition.

Why should I choose Integranet Digital for business analysis?

Our business analysts are very dynamic, they all carry multiple skillsets and can adapt their offering based on your needs. They are experienced in helping Perth businesses scale and grow through new tools and processes, typically and partnering with you through the lifespan of your project. Our team are also all in-house, not 3rd party consultants, meaning you will get an exceptional level of care and access to our greater business analyst knowledge base if required.

Business Analysis in action

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