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Frequently asked questions...

Do you outsource any of your development?


We are proud to say we are one of the few companies in Perth who keep all stages of design and development local, and that includes the other companies we may partner with on your project.

I need help with our tender, can you offer support with scoping?


We regularly work with large organisations and government departments to conduct workshops and analysis to investigate and record their true project requirements. Our team then produce a final scope of works and functional requirements document that you can go to market with.

We need support with recruitment and IT-related staff resourcing, can you help with that?

Integranet was founded offering this; engaging with our clients to understand exactly what services are required, and the ICT solutions they need to get their job done or project completed. This understanding of our clients' cultures and needs ensures we can provide the best person with the right skills, focusing on the best outcome for our clients. Whether you need a project manager, business analyst, developer or more - our team is based all around Perth on long or short term based contracts and we can have someone ready tomorrow if you need.

What is the platform to build my website?

Before we give you an answer…

Our viewpoint comes from the number of clients who’s websites we’ve had to ‘fix’, the fact that we live in Perth and are familiar with the rates of finding a developer locally (and being able to find a good one in future), security requirements for your website and many other factors. The best platform holistically from our point of view is Kentico, but we recommend having a free chat about your needs and future goals before selecting a platform.

Can you help with purchasing my domain and hosting?

We certainly can!

We do this day in and day out and can help you decide who to purchase your domain with (for example CrazyDomains or GoDaddy), and whether .com or .org is best for you. We also offer low cost hosting on our servers.

Do you offer Agile development?


We offer a range of support and development options. This can depend on your project type, stage of life, requirements and budgetary factors. If you don’t know what development type is best suited to your project - just ask us for a free consultation.

Do you have experience with Microsoft SharePoint?


We love using SharePoint and our in-house developers are experienced with setting up integrations so that all your legacy systems can talk to each other, creating a truly central location for your staff internally and externally. We also offer other document hosting and portal solutions depending on your needs.

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