Department of Water & Environmental Regulation

Sharepoint intranet development

Upgrading intranet functionality to support daily internal communication use and future digital goals.


The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation oversees and is responsible for our state’s most precious asset – our environment and water. This invaluable government department serves as a ‘one stop shop’ for industry and developers. We partnered with them in their pursuit of digitising and modernising their internal communications and intranet functionality for staff. Using Microsoft SharePoint they can now maintain a cloud-based interconnected team environment.

The Challenge

When DWER first engaged our team of intranet developers, they were currently using an outdated version of Microsoft SharePoint which needed critical upgrades. Their current SharePoint intranet setup featured very limited functionality for administrators to share and manage internal content. Upon hearing more from the DWER team about their key intranet issues and future digital goals it became clear that their intranet was overdue for a review. Their day-to-day intranet requirements were well beyond its original capacity and scope.

Our Microsoft SharePoint intranet developers were tasked with reviewing the current SharePoint information architecture, workflows and functionality required, implementing a refreshed version of the intranet. Requirements would include:

  • Refined SharePoint information architecture for intuitive navigation
  • Easy to manage independently of IT team or developers
  • Staff directory search
  • Document search
  • Notices and announcements
  • Quick delivery

The Solution

Working with many other similar clients, our team clearly understood the role an intranet plays within a local government organisation. It was important to meet current needs, but also provide DWER with a long-term solution that would help to meet growth objectives and future staff requirements. As an integral central cloud-based internal tool, we provided architectural governance and insights to enhance regular staff use and boost overall functionality. As experienced Microsoft SharePoint developers we were able to back up our recommendations with validation examples from work with other local clients.

Upgrading Microsoft SharePoint to unlock staff efficiencies.

The layout was key, our team spent time investigating and understanding what the ideal intranet system architecture would look like to achieve maximum staff uptake and usability. The aim was to ensure that the refined solution would be a worthwhile investment, complimenting DWER’s digital communication goals.

  • Document Management – A central cloud-based area allowing access to, and management of documents, such as internal policies and procedures.
  • Innovative Search - Staff can quickly search for content, documents and people in an intuitive manner.
  • Electronic Forms - Forms with automated workflows to streamline internal process. This included internal IT helpdesk support, travel bookings and publication approvals.
  • People Search – Linked to Office 365 profiles, staff could find the right team member either by name, position and other appropriate attributes.
  • Document Preview - The intranet allowed for a quick document preview function to help quickly identify the document a staff member may be looking for.
  • User Permissions – Intranet administrators can assign user permissions to documents and content within the intranet as they see fit, allowing a level of control over which staff members can view certain documents.
  • Notices & Announcements – The intranet featured a handy notices/announcements function that allowed for administrators to create and publish announcements on relevant intranet pages.
  • SharePoint Widgets – Administrators can drop widgets such as Document lists, News lists, Weather and Corporate calendars on various pages within the intranet helping to customize and highlight information to staff.
  • HP TRIM Integration – Our team integrated the intranet with the HP TRIM records management system for rapid access to the most up to date information, and to reduce double handling
  • Mobile Responsiveness - The intranet is fully mobile responsive, adjusting the presentation of content to fit the device and/or browser type used across desktop, tablet and mobile screens. 

Let’s Talk

DWER now has a redefined intranet platform. It proactively allows the organisation to support staff regardless of their location and leverages all the powerful functionality gained from using Microsoft SharePoint. We tailored the architecture and implementation to match their local government criteria and how they planned to utilise the intranet moving forward. DWER can be confident that they now have a solid framework for a flexible but sustainable navigation hierarchy, helping staff use the platform on a daily basis.

Most importantly DWER can independently manage their central cloud-based intranet, taking full control and ownership of their internal communications tool. If you need support with your internal communications system, databases, portals or intranet, our experienced team are ready to help.