Forest Products Commission

SharePoint intranet development

An integrated, structured, and connected online community to boost organisational efficiency.


Forest Products Commission needed a digital workspace that could optimise business processes, promote employee collaboration, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately give greater access to internal resources remotely.

Naturally, SharePoint was a suitable fit. The new SharePoint Modern experience needed to enable a dynamic experience for staff that is compelling, responsive, flexible and easy to manage.

A mobile friendly intranet designed to build internal community & engagement.

The intranet was designed primarily for enhanced communication and publication allowing news, events, documents, and content pages to be shared and displayed. We then developed it into a powerful tool that allowed employees to stay engaged, reduce document version control issues and allowed the organisation as a whole to be agile in internal communication needs.

Now FPC have the ability to manage a workforce remotely and scale the solution as they grow. Using Microsoft SharePoint meant that implementation could take place quickly, leveraging all the benefits of being part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

The integrated one-stop SharePoint online intranet solution was set up in a short time frame and allowed for key tasks to take place such as regular news posting and document sharing. It is mobile responsive, complete with alerts, event posting, staff lists, document management, document search, and online forms with workflows.

We supported modern agile ways of working.

Thanks to Microsoft’s digital domination, anyone can have access to a proven intranet platform that gives you all the exact tools needed to quickly accelerate organisational productivity.

The key is in enabling and transforming internal business processes. This ranges from simple tasks like notifications and approvals to the more complex operational workflows. The main part of the project with FPC wasn’t to develop an intranet from scratch it was to set-up the main tools needed and implement the right information architecture (IA), which is typically the most difficult and crucial step for a smooth intranet launch.

With SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft Flow, and the always potent PowerApps, you can create rich digital experiences with forms, workflows, and custom apps for every device, ensuring maximum use and staff uptake.


Keep up with evolving employee needs & expected online experiences.

The portal was built using SharePoint Modern as the foundation. SharePoint allows you to create pages or sub site areas.

When you add a modern page to a site area, you can add and customise it using simple web parts, giving you complete flexibility. SharePoint forms the foundation of the platform, but administrators control how it looks and what it does with a ton of out of the box features. We gave FPC the building blocks that allowed them to have endless page templates.

SharePoint intranet features implemented.

Examples of the standard web pages implemented included; Bing maps, Code snippet, Countdown timer, Divider, Document library, Embed, Events, File viewer, Group calendar, Hero, Highlighted content, Image, Image gallery, Kindle instant preview, Link, List, List properties, Markdown, Microsoft Forms, News, Page properties, People, PowerApps, Power BI report, Quick chart, Quick links, Recent documents, Site activity, Sites, Spacer, Stream, Text, Twitter, Weather, Yammer, YouTube. 

The SharePoint Modern Search experience was a gamechanger. The Modern search allowed a  personalised experience that uses Microsoft Graph to show results that are relevant to each user (they only see results that they have access to). Results included pages, files, sites, news and people at the organisation level.

The Document Library web part is always a favourite as it displays document lists with ease. Administrators can customise it with their own title, view style, and even size. Users with appropriate permissions can view or edit files directly from the web part, or can go to the full document library by clicking ‘See all’.

A crucial element for any engaging SharePoint is the Hero web part. It gives a modern twist to landing pages and key site areas. We used this to allow FPC to bring focus and visual interest to pages on the intranet. They can display up to five items in the Hero web part and use engaging images, text, and links to draw attention as needed. The Hero web part is included by default on communication sites, but you can also add the Hero web part to many other pages.

Looking for a Perth Sharepoint intranet developer?

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