City of Belmont

Website experience & integrations

Crafting a new look based on the needs of the local community, services offered and planned future growth.


With the significance of digital, and remote access for residents and staff, the City of Belmont was looking for a team of proven experts to develop their new council website using Kentico Xperience.

The City of Belmont was ready to recreate their digital look inline with new branding, while updating their website to gain access to better internal tools and unlock smoother user experiences for residents. As a future focussed local council, they had a key concern about the suitability, scalability, on-going costs and access to the best system to suit their specific needs and Kentico Xperience ticked all the boxes.

“Working with Integranet Digital has greatly enhanced the City of Belmont’s website. The newly launched website has not only improved our resident’s online experience but also their ability to search and access information quickly and intuitively. Their hybrid solution is technically sound, aesthetically appealing and meets our security requirements.”

- Rajan Sharma, A/Manager Information Technology, City of Belmont

After a stringent tender process, our team were proud to be selected as the first-choice digital partner for the City of Belmont. This comprehensive ‘beginning to end and onwards’ website development project aimed to completely transform how you would expect a local government site to look and act. We used a design first approach without sacrificing access and functionality.

Developing a local government website based on the needs of the community and residents.

The City of Belmont wanted a new image that set the standard of all local government websites. There is a wealth of features, functions and integrations in this website. At the same time our team implemented their new branding onto the digital platform. The project started with User Experience (UX) workshops to ensure the right personas were articulated and catered for throughout the development stage of the project.

We partnered with the City of Belmont team to identify and understand their residents. The aim was to not simply build a newer version of their government website. The website needed to have a design and function that allowed for strong uptake by the local community. Through a process of card sorting, dissecting historical Google analytics data, hosting multiple stakeholder workshops and much more, our team was able to articulate the exact requirements for the new City of Belmont website. Our developers worked to make sure the new website would be not just aesthetically appealing but highly functional for the everyday resident based on what they were looking for.

Our development team packed the website with a diverse range of features and integrations that seamlessly synced with other 3rd party tools that were used by the City of Belmont. Integrations included the use of Technology One ECM, Sirsidynix Library Management System, Pathways/ePathway, Active Directory, Nearmaps, Intramaps and Text Message Services.

Packed full of powerful features needed for any local council website.

Workflows - The website uses Kentico advanced workflows functionality for community submitted events and business directory submissions.

SEO and Metadata - Using Kentico, seamless and consistent management of SEO could be achieved. The website clearly presents metadata input fields for Page title, Page description and Page keywords.

Personalisation - Content personalisation functionality is achieved through the mixed use of Kentico Personas and content personalisation variants.

Forms - Using Kentico forms, CMS editors can create and modify multiple forms.

Online Payments - Online payment functionality has been set up using Bpoint for event ticket purchases, allowing visitors to make a payment at the time of booking by providing credit card details.

Advanced Search – The search bar clearly presents the filter options to the user and includes all the standard sorting options a user would expect from a modern website such as Relevance, Ascending, Descending, A to Z, Z to A. It also supports search queries with a ‘Did you mean’ prompt.

Events Management - The website has an intuitive events area, allowing users to see specific key event details such as; Title, Summary, Details, Location, Host, Date, Event date text, Start time, End time, Booking link, Event cost, Booking cut-off time. It also allows administrators to set a repeat frequency if an event is regularly occurring,

Nearmaps and IntraMaps - The website has been integrated with IntraMaps to extract data for locations within the council’s suburbs. Details include name, address, latitude, longitude, type, whether there is a playground at a park.

Using Kentico Xperience to unlock new website experiences.

The final result was a custom built and innovative new look using Kentico Xperience as the chosen CMS platform. This would save a substantial amount on licensing, and thanks to Kentico, the City of Belmont have a solution that could be independently managed by their internal team.

Our team developed a comprehensive end-to-end website solution built in line with future trends in a fast-changing world. The website showcases all the council has to offer, while making it easy to residents to find the specific resources they are looking for. At the same time allowed the City of Belmont the ability to unlock numerous services online. 

  • Considerably reduced website licensing costs and maintenance costs.
  • Modern responsive design that is easy to navigate
  • Successful migration of old content to new platform.
  • Advanced user journeys and information architecture review.
  • Full staff training, plus 'How to Guide' for independent internal management.
  • Secure and scalable website with WCAG compliance.

The City of Belmont, a digitally focussed WA council - are you next?

Users now benefit from a website that thoughtfully highlights information to end users, making it easy for them to find what they are looking for onsite packed full of content. Importantly, staff were confident in managing the site independently of our development team. From bin days to ranger services and an easy to use CMS, this website has it all. If you need the foresight and experience tailored for your local government website let us know how we can help.