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Bringing to light a new digital transformation strategy for a forward thinking local council.


The community focused government organisation, City of Cockburn in Peth WA, has their communities needs at the heart of their connectivity and future planning as a top priority.

Digital Transformation Consultants Supporting City of Cockburn

The innovative local council known for thinking outside the box, made the decision to embark on a series of technology changes within the organisation. As their select Perth based digital transformation consultant, the City of Cockburn required the team at Integraent to go ahead of them and dissect the kind of digital strategy that was needed to support these changes to ensure a smooth holistic delivery.

The Challenge

The challenge when it came to creating the City of Cockburn digital strategy was that it wasn't a single day meeting and write up. Our team needed to understand their DNA, the vision and the tools they current were used. We went through an intense process of reviewing, clarifying, and prioritising technologies, tools, and delivery methods to extreme detail. Small challenges now could add up to big costs later, we needed to ensure that the plan was addressing real business problems.

We needed to address real business problems, not idealistic thoughts and visions.

The Solution

To solve the City of Cockburn's business problems, we developed a multi-step digital strategy. We used a holistic approach - looking across the entire business and unpackaged the day-to-day issues from the longer-term problems.

Through a series of facilitated workshops, which included getting input from staff from all levels of the business and across all departments, we drilled down to expose these problems in more detail. Our process involved validating those problems and fleshing out potential high-level solutions.

The approach was to look at existing technologies and projects already inflight or scoped for implementation. The next step was to validate the purpose of each project and ensure the expected outcome was aligned to meet the broader business objectives, meet senior and executive management expectations, and to address councillor needs as determined by the council's constituents.

This approach supported staff transparency and contribution, and resulted in some immediate solutions to some of the problems. The digital transformation was well underway.

The Results

The City of Cockburn digital strategy was presented as a clear and concise document which outlined what would be used as the basis for the organisation to move forward. 

It followed the digital pillars identified and ensured the projects were well structured and had 'buy-in' from all levels of management and staff.

We worked closely with the Marketing and ICT departments to ensure inflight projects were reviewed. This ensured their business could continue as usual throughout the process and no disruptions occurred.

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January 2016 - June 2017
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