City of Cockburn

Intranet development & integration

A powerful intranet for a growing WA council


The City of Cockburn (CoC) is a progressive and community focused local Western Australia government organisation, committed to creating a sustainable, cared for and connected community that’s ready for the future.

Integranet Digital were tasked to redevelop the intranet in a way that would enhance staff experience, creating a central hub enabling them to conduct their daily digital activities effectively and efficiently.


The Challenge 

The City of Cockburn required their intranet to be redeveloped to address several existing digital and technical issues. The aim was to build a place that was regularly used and updated, and contributed to a holistic business process to streamline the delivery of information and communication with staff. 

  • Organise information architecture to align with the organisational structure.
  • Triage key information from the organisational structure within council directorates.
  • Integrate with the existing Active Directory for security and permissions.
  • Enable one source of truth for multiple functional requirements, media files and interactions.

The Digital Solution

The City of Cockburn intranet redevelopment project was the first major joined project our team of techsplorers had within a local council. We took this as an opportunity to innovate and use our knowledge and experience to solve the CoC’s problem with forward thinking and new technologies. We developed the CoC’s digital solution through the Kentico CMS platform and introduced their team to the intranet redevelopment.

The Kentico CMS used for the CoC’s digital transformation not only provides them with a solid content management platform, but also has a simple yet intelligent user interface (UI) designed with them in mind. Plus the robust, well-designed permissions and role system for users is what made this offering a step above the rest. The solution allows for web services and access to key business applications for internal staff. It also achieves high-level integration to enable a simple workflow of data and key information – making the new CoC intranet a one-stop shop of information for staff.

This, along with a series of custom page templates and types for the CoC intranet redevelopment project, allows the council to delegate administration responsibilities of the intranet to individual user groups, who can then administer their own areas and therefore manage their own content more easily and more efficiently.

The Result

The intranet is used daily by staff in Perth. It has enabled effective communication across the organisation, reduced silo working and created a more cohesive and structured collaboration between departments.

Additional monitoring added to the website (via the Kentico CMS reports) has resulted in a higher number of the communication team's key messages now being read and actioned. With the addition of other useful features on the intranet homepage, staff are now using it as a launch pad for all of the internal applications and also a repository for staff information and employee relations communications.


The CoC intranet redevelopment project homepage now incorporates a series of web parts to address key areas of functional requirements that staff felt were not easily accessible on the previous intranet such as documents, latest news, projects and a custom built quick links solution.

For ease of use, we created a floating navigation bar to enable the user to easily navigate through the site without having to scroll back to the top, and you can see this throughout the CoC website and homepage. It also includes an events and blog widget and new employee's area, all of which allow for departmental information to be found easily.

Directorate Landing Page

Each Directorate on the updated site now has its own landing page, displaying the latest happenings, such as projects (integrated from the Jira solution), news, events and documents which have recently been added to the Enterprise Content Management solution (ECM a TechnologyOne document management application). This means that staff now have full access to information across their department and beyond. All CoC staff members are now only three or four clicks away from the information they require, and what is most relevant to them.

News & Events Custom Module

The news and events module was configured to work across the intranet to collate all the directorate's, business units' and teams' stories and events in one place. This feature enables a calendar to be populated with a simple tagging and categorisation process, so when staff search for information it can now be displayed and found easily, in realtime.

Kentico Form Builder

To enable CoC staff to save time in developing forms for PDF based documents and then having to enter them into their business systems, we performed a series of technical training events to enable staff to use the Kentico Solution. At Integranet Digital we offer an end-to-end approach, making sure your team can utilise all the digital tools we’ve implemented to the best of their ability - after all, there is no point in creating an innovative and intricate platform if your staff are unable to navigate it.

Search & Documents

When it came to the digital transformation of CoC, we also implemented a site wide search into the site, which additionally incorporated documents from the ECM business application (document management solution). This provided staff with a simple interface to search for the latest versions of published documents. The results also provided staff with a filtering opportunity to quickly and efficiently reduce the number of results displayed.

Final Note

The advanced search facilities of the CoC intranet redevelopment project, along with the integration to the HR and ECM systems now allows staff to quickly find a staff member's contact details and location and get access to documents in the document repository much more efficiently than opening each of the respective TechOne applications.

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