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Rapid website development for a collaborative WA council project promoting growth.


The City of Cockburn approached Integranet Digital to quickly develop a website for a collaborative project, this promotional flyer website advocated for more public open space and local sporting facilities across Western Australia.

Promotional Website Development for the City of Cockburn

Growth Areas Perth and Peel Project (GAPP) was proposing that the Federal Government allocate $350 million into a special purpose account, which would also leverage a complementary investment of up to $700 million from State Government, Local Government, and development contribution schemes. 

With a cap of $30 million for any individual project, there would be sufficient funds available to build up to 12 major sports precincts across the 11 outer metro local government areas over the next four to eight years. Once established the facilities would be operated and maintained by the Local Governments.

The Challenge

The City of Cockburn, working with 11 other outer metropolitan councils across Western Australia, needed an information website developed in a short timeframe.  It needed to enable people across the state to quickly and easily find key information on the Growth Areas Perth and Peel Project (GAPP).  

We understand that in today’s digital world it is critical for projects such as these to get off the ground quickly.

The Solution

We made a new website quick! One that offers the ability to be edited quickly in a tight timeframe. The organisation had a clear and concise project brief which made development super easy.  Our Perth team of developers were proactive in finding the best solution given the tight timeframes defined by the City of Cockburn.  Our team at Integranet Digital rapidly developed a solution that had clear call to actions, a streamlined user journey and a defined user experience.

By the end of the project, we produced a clean promotion website that delivered:

  • Simple display of website content - Background information on the Growth Areas Perth and Peel Project was on display for all to see.
  • Integrated content delivery - With details of specific projects across 11 outer metropolitan councils
  • Customer and community feedback - The ability for people to leave their support for the project

The Results

The website has now been running for 3 months, and in that time received over 500 messages of support, exposing the project to the entire state. The site is evolving  in line with the project, and additional functionality is being requested by the councils with analytical data being provided to support and strengthen the project moving forward.

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