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Growing your business requires an understanding of how people interact with your company, products and services. The way your customers engage with systems, software, applications and websites forms their digital experience with your brand or "UX".

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Leigh Nastasi

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Digital experience consultants in Perth


Are you looking to increase sales, trying to increase awareness of a cause or increase awareness of a news article you’ve posted? We start by analysing these interactions, using data and customer feedback to identify opportunities for improvement through design. Our goal is simple - to build more intuitive and consistent experiences that increase customer and staff engagement with digital services to meet business objectives.

An intuitive user experience (UX) allows your website to cross-pollinate users, work harder to ensure the right information is presented to the right audience for maximum impact. We create a digital bridge, helping organisations build powerful digital experiences that align customer needs with business objectives. The key is to understand your audience and leverage this data to design intuitive and effortless interactions with your digital offering.

Finally UX designers in Perth working hand in hand with software developers on your digital experience project.

At Integranet Digital we’ve developed a hybrid offering that allows us to offer cutting edge design while ensuring your digital platform plays nicely with your users. We let our UX developers lead the project, not software developers. Our experienced designers dig deep and get an intimate understanding of your audience. From key interaction points to optimised conversion moments and intuitive user journeys, we are led by user habits, types and goals, resulting in holistic software solutions.

User focussed UX design workshops to optimise digital experience.

We make a point of understanding your audience better than anyone else, identifying who they are, what they need and where they're going. We conduct workshops to draw out data on your user profiles, user types, define your audience and align it to a revised content and UX strategy. Your users should be directing the UX part of your digital transformation and we know how to make sure this happens.

User experience and user interface validation.

User experience exploration and validation have the power to influence your organisation from the bottom up. Data-driven customer focussed UX & UI is the way of the future and staying ahead of changing user trends and habits will be the key to the success of your project, whether an internal piece of software or public facing website. This is why after exploring and documenting our findings at the start of your design experience project, we leverage all the information the digital world offers about your customer’s behaviour, we analyse our findings and validate them against market trends and raw data, ensuring what is planned will have a maximum impact now and in future. Build experience design artefacts such as wireframes and functional prototypes. Run functional testing if required.

Digital experience design and UX wireframes created locally in Perth.

Sit back as we partner with some of the best design talent in Perth to evolve your digital brand offering. Informed by data and discovery, we'll produce structural wireframes and functional prototypes that specify core interactions with your digital product or service. Then, we'll translate your brand’s aesthetic attributes to interface visuals, applying brand styling to priority areas of the experience for review against user needs and business objectives.

UX design implemented correctly through development.

Your next project will receive input from UX/UI designers and developers who have forged advanced, complementary and user-focussed digital solutions many times before, working in harmony for your benefit. This lowers the risk of designs not being completely fulfilled in the final development phase. The Integranet Digital team has a wealth of experience in bespoke software development in Perth and further afield, and leverage a trusted local network of reliable creative resources throughout all our projects.

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