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Our Approach


Integranet offers extra-mile Digital and IT Consulting to Perth businesses, local and state government sectors. Our culture underpins Integranet's focus on business outcomes to ensure our solutions have tangible benefits to our clients. Integranet achieves improved speed and efficiency by adopting a hybrid approach using PRINCE2 (Project in Controlled Environments 2nd Edition) for governance, combined with the typical System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model using agile development.


Requirements Analysis & Insights

Research and data gathering with a focus on gaining a clear understanding of the target market.

Processes & Deliverables

Development of core documents such as the project delivery plan, functional and non-functional requirements...

System Analysis & Design

Focus on documenting the technical solution, develop and test the user experience (UX), information architecture and site map, then applying the design, styling and branding, bringing the solution to life.

Processes & Deliverables

Solution overview and architecture, UX workshops, wireframes & testing, user interface (UI) design workshop, brand implementation and styling.

Development & Implementation

Integranet has a strong focus on incremental development processes, we utilise components from the latest of agile software development methodologies, and the Integranet development team provide a fast and consistent delivery of your solution.

Processes & Deliverables

Development of the solution, migration of content (if applicable), training of relevant users, deployment to the Cloud.

Solution Validation and Testing

Ensuring quality is maintained throughout the development process by applying unit testing and other automated testing techniques. As Integranet utilises an agile methodology for development UAT is generally performed post development, allowing fast turnaround for change requests, and bug fixes.

Processes & Deliverables

Development of a testing strategy and testing plan, then testing and approval of the solution.

Go-Live and Ongoing Support

Unlike digital agencies, Integranet is a digital consultancy that provides innovative solutions with the added benefit of providing a 24/7 support team here in Perth.

Processes & Deliverables

Go-Live with the solution, optional ongoing support.
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