Digital Change Management

Redefine your digital processes, tools and techniques required to achieve your next tier of goals - no matter what that looks like for you. Our local digital change management consultants work with companies of all sizes to optimise and plan out their future potential.

What Integranet has done with the Kentico platform has transformed Perth Zoo from a 9 to 5 business to a 24 hour business. Comparing the first month of general admission sales to the previous year there has been a significant increase in online sales...
Claire Wright

Claire Wright

Director Community Engagement, Perth Zoo

We can help create a digital change management plan that works.

Business today is changing. The way your staff work and the way in which customers interact is constantly influenced by ever increasing technology shifts, economic changes and competitor activity. Many organisations plan to grow, boost their performance or leverage new efficiency, but often they’ve over capitalised on old tools or feel locked into a certain way of doing things.

Having a plan to grow starts with understanding that the old processes, systems and tools used, the areas that have previously been untouchable now need to be dissected. Reviewing your business with a digital change management consultant will help you target areas of change where you can get the greatest advantage.

The quicker you can identify your current state and create a plan to adapt, the greater your chances are at meeting or exceeding your digital change goals.

Our team understand that it is your technology combined with your business processes that impacts your ability to reach those goals. By partnering with us as your digital change management consultancy, our team will forge a technology focussed digital change management strategy based on local and global technical knowledge and trends.

We dig deep and ask open questions, going the extra mile to ensure that your team have what they need to perform at maximum efficiency now and into the future. We will review what they do, why they do it, and the digital tools used in the process.

Digital technology is part of who your business is, we start by looking at the areas that have the greatest impact, using people who understand digital.

Our digital change management consultants are here to help. We start by assigning a digital change management consultant to you for the lifespan of your project. Our team are experienced across all areas of digital organisational change management:

  • Current state & future state organisational mapping.
  • Workshopping of core desired outcomes, processes, & software requirements.
  • Reviewing integration & development needs of tools and software used.
  • Process re-design, re-structure, integration, & implementation.
  • Risk mitigation and total cost of ownership analysis.
  • Merger & acquisition of integration systems, software, processes & operating models.
  • Planning & boosting timelines for organisational change management projects.
  • Enhanced staff uptake of new systems and digital tools.
  • Driving awareness, adherence and training to system or process changes.
  • Lead workplace transformations and change such as remote working and cloud based teams.

Let our Perth digital change management consultants reimagine your business for the better.

Tap into our knowledge and experience as we future proof your organisation’s business model by partnering it with globally leading trends. We will help navigate changing staff expectations and fluid customer habits, with a keen eye on your key technology needed, on-going costs and the ability to independently manage your tools on a daily basis.

We will help with all areas of digital change management:

  • Digital Transformation Reviewing your digital goals, mapping and articulating a plan.
  • Digital Strategy Aligning your vision, ideal customer experience, core processes and technology needs.
  • User Experience & Design Workshops with staff and customers to define ideal workflows, using a responsive and personalised experience.
  • Business Analysis Digital deep into your true functional and non-functional requirements.
  • System IntegrationPlanning and review of your software, platforms and technology used, choosing environments and products that can work together for the long term.
  • Solution Architecture Identifying, creating and deploying technology opportunities with a focus on availability, performance and security requirements.

Change management plays an integral part in driving successful outcomes, not just the digital tools you’re implementing.

Many of our clients have learnt the hard way after spending thousands on digital tools and almost nothing on the digital change management processes to support it. If you’re reviewing your digital tools and processes or trying to take your company to a new level then you’ll need digital change management consultants even more than you’ll need our developers. Book a free consultation now.