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We're here to help you update or migrate your website. If you're looking to transfer to a new CMS or technology stack, we can ensure a smooth transition. Our team can support you with your information architecture restructure, new features and much more.

What Integranet has done with the Kentico platform has transformed Perth Zoo from a 9 to 5 business to a 24 hour business. Comparing the first month of general admission sales to the previous year there has been a significant increase in online sales...
Claire Wright

Claire Wright

Director Community Engagement, Perth Zoo

Looking for a website migration company in Perth?

Perth developers here to help migrate or update your website.

Our team can help to transfer your website to a new platform, implement website updates to your current site, or facilitate a complete rebuild of your website. As a leading website migration company in Perth, we can help, whether you are experiencing a lack of functionality, need further customisation, or find you have the inability to edit and manage content freely. Looking to upgrade your web CMS to a newer version? We can help with that.

Update and migrate your CMS with ease.

Take advantage of a specific platform feature, get access to better hosting, or change over from a subdomain extension to a main directory URL. The digital world moves quickly, and so does your website requirements. Major updates might be overdue, or your team realise migrating to a new CMS will better suit your long term needs. We can help by partnering you with our website migration experts who will review your business needs, inform you of your options, and help you select the best move for your long term digital success. We will then manage the transfer of content from one website to another or can completely rebuild your digital look as a brand new project.

Update your digital platform with Perth's best website migration team.

Website migration is the act of changing your online setup or technology stack. A proper website migration implies that key fundamental changes are taking place with your CMS platform. This includes a complete IA (information architecture – also known as your site map) or content restructure, new design across your master pages, a change in your website hosting location or integral functionality changes.

Typical reasons why you would choose to migrate your CMS is either from your current core needs not being met, high overhead costs, or a lack of access to modern technology or tools now considered standard for managing a modern website. It is also worth conducting website migration when experiencing SEO issues such as poor loading speeds, server downtime, lack of metadata access and not being able to edit page content with ease. If you have the inability to scale your site to generate and handle increased user traffic, then  website migration is something to consider.

Maximum uptime with no loss of data or Google rankings.

Our team of website migration experts and developers will help you navigate your website changes. We use proven techniques to reduce the loss of search engine rankings and keep your data safe. Our team will first assess your core website needs, ensuring the most cost-effective approach is taken, then map out a seamless plan to update or migrate your website seamlessly.

Why you should migrate & update your website CMS:

We're local perth website migration developers you can rely on.

Is your CMS or website backend inefficient and simply too hard to use? Say goodbye to workarounds or daily crashes with our website update and migration services. We have local first hand experience, we understand the global technology market, and we know how to optimise your website management practices to save you time and money. 

Check out the website migration projects we have completed from local government to small businesses. Our team will provide the forward planning, plus tips and insights to unlock a pain-free digital future for your website. Avoid the typical pitfalls and get full transparency with a team you can trust. Our professional web migration service in Perth is simple, affordable and convenient. If you are looking for a web developer or agency to migrate your website, book a free consultation with our team.