Umbraco is a free open source Content Management System built on the ASP.NET platform.

Umbraco is the free Open-Source alternative to other Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market today.


Umbraco CMS is one of the few .NET based CMS platforms that utilises a model view controller (MVC) based architecture, and provides the standard CMS facilities such as, page creation, content editing, authoring, publishing, etc. All for the low price of $0. Many other CMS platforms have support for MVC, however umbraco embraces and tames it, allowing for many of the features of closed source CMSs with the benefit of being developed on the newer microsoft technology stack.


Umbraco as an “Open Source” .NET CMS solution and provides some very useful forums and documentation around setup and technical support, which leads to a faster development cycle. The Umbraco solution has also been tried and tested, and provides excellent out of the box user controls allowing for pages and forms to be created and even updated in a short space of time. This in turn enables clients to have full control of any small changes required in the future and makes it possible to react fast to any future changes required with little to no development experience required.

Umbraco in action

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