15 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To Kentico 12

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Ask your web developer what version of Kentico you are on. It’s 2020, if you haven’t upgraded to Kentico 12 then this is going to be an awkward conversation. Why? Keep reading.

With the availability of this new version of the Kentico CMS comes quite a few changes. If you are not at least aware of the modifications that have occurred, you risk falling behind in the competitive business market.


  • Kentico 12 boasts a plethora of inviting, user-friendly and easy to manage features.
  • Website visitors now have data-security peace of mind with the power to manage their data easily using Kentico 12’s built-in GDPR components.
  • Integration with Google’s reCaptcha v2 adds an extra layer of security to protect your website against spam (thank goodness!).
  • Geolocation services and technologies have been significantly improved.
  • The new and improved e-commerce system allows content editors to spend more time thinking about and creating engaging shopping experiences. E-commerce setup and management a painless and seamless process.
  • The out-of-the-box shopping cart and checkout process have been significantly simplified.
  • Your site can now handle coupon codes based on their validity.
  • Improved form builder and email notification generator.
  • Security vulnerabilities are patched weekly through hotfixes.
  • Integration with Facebook is far easier and has been updated to address Facebooks security compliance modifications.
  • Faster load times! Kentico 12 has been optimised for the web, allowing content editors and visitors to locate what they need, faster.
  • You’ll get a minimum of 4 years of support with Kentico’s technical experts.
  • Kentico’s improved SEO tools and Google Sitemap integration allow your website to rank well in search engines. Kentico provides metadata entries on a per-page basis so you can satisfy all your SEO optimised keyword requirements.
  • Kentico has redesigned the UI, look, and feel of the CMS, making content editors feel more at home with their content.
  • Kentico 12 makes integrating with third-party API’s easier and more efficient.

Issues with not upgrading to the latest version of Kentico

  • All prior versions of the CMS are no longer supported. This means your website could be vulnerable to security threats, bugs and unwanted gremlins.
  • As Kentico releases its next major version every year, the longer you wait to upgrade, the more it will incur cost due to the nature of upgrading between versions. (you cannot upgrade from 8 to 12 instantly, you must upgrade from Kentico 8 to 9, 9 to 10, 10 to 11, 11 to 12 respectively, and so on and so forth). Incurs more cost as we have additional versions to upgrade! You could build a website a new website, but often it is cheaper to upgrade (depending on your website), so you’d need someone to advise accordingly.
  • You could lose business by having a poor user experience. Older versions of Kentico are not as optimised for the web, all it takes is about ten seconds before a visitor clicks the back button!
  • Some third-party providers including Google discontinue old software and services which may be what your current Kentico version is using. 
  • Since all prior versions of Kentico are no longer supported, no security patches or bug fixes are being made anymore.
  • Older versions of a CMS are more likely to be targeted by hackers as security updates that fix them are released
  • You will not benefit the amazing plethora of inviting, user-friendly and easy to manage features Kentico 12 has to offer!

And don’t forget about enhanced and continuous site stability which is very important. CMS's are not the only technologies that are constantly changing and upgrading. Third party modules and integrations that help you sell products on your site, send out newsletters, collect sales leads and publish blogs are also changing.

We're leading Western Australian Kentico upgrade & migration experts

There may come a time when your site is no longer compatible with these technologies and then pages on your website start breaking. Probably more importantly, web hosting servers are always upgrading. The latest and best servers may not host older technologies. This could mean your site will be regulated to an older, slower, less secure server. This does not make for good user experiences. For a no-fuss honest conversation, talk to Integranet Digital the Perth Kentico experts.

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