Create a Connected Workplace Using Staff Portals, Intranets & Team Sites

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An intranet should be unique for the organisation that is using it, even more so it should be easy to manage and become a place that your team wants to use on a daily basis.

Most organisations are now recognising the potential return on investment intranets have, many of them planning on having some kind of central digital hub in the near future.

In today’s modern workplace, staff are constantly moving and are bombarded with emails. The majority of organisations either plan to implement some form of digital hub or are planning to revamp their intranet but are not sure where to start.

A custom built Intranet can have many benefits.

An intranet is a centralised digital hub that increases collaboration and communication with the ability to share news, manage documents, create events, discuss potential issues, build company culture and more.

Features that your employees will love.

  • Integrated directories – No double handling of outdated contact details with one location integrated with your Active Directory and maintained through user profiles.
  • Smart searching – Efficient search that is fast so your employees can quickly find the information available.
  • Dashboard functionality – Personalised experiences with users' own dashboard that includes a notification panel, checklists and project status'.
  • Document management – Avoid documents cluttering up your drive. Your intranet should allow you to access all your documents all the time.
  • Communication hub – Connect employees everywhere with staff forums, messaging and notification features to help them feel connected and supported.
  • News & Events Pages – Avoid isolated team members with news and events pages. Use calendar integration and export to stay organised.
  • Custom Pages & Widgets – Widgets will help you keep your intranet fresh by being able to build or edit pages with ease, independent from developers. 
  • Software integration – Leverage tools your organisation already uses such as Microsoft Share Point, Office 365, CRM and ERP systems.

SharePoint, Yammer or a custom CMS based Intranet?

A SharePoint intranet or intranet portal is great way to centralise enterprise information and applications, and powered by Microsoft gives you the confidence needed for an application that could have a large impact to your organisation. This platform allows you the ability to broadcast messages, encourage communication and share resources. Features like pages, lists, and libraries help connect and empower your team with the resources they need across. You can manage files, gather and track data, and keep everyone up-to-date with news, tasks and deadlines. Essentially it does all the things a great intranet platform (when implemented correctly) should be able to do. But how do you decide to have a Microsoft Sharepoint or a custom CMS based intranet? Great news is our team can help with both.

We are able to harness the power of Kentico or Microsoft SharePoint.

Having experience and capability in both platform types gives us the ability and insight to recommend the best approach for your organisation. You’ll benefit from a team of local in-house developers (we don’t outsource development) who will build your platform. They'll even train your staff on how to use it. Find out more about the many benefits a well implement intranet can have, get in touch for a free consultation. 

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