Integranet Digital is now a member of Dapth

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While we are known as partners that support many of our clients as they transform and unlock their new paths, now it is our turn to do the same, as we explore and find our own freedom. 

Change is coming for Integranet Digital as we evolve.

Integranet Technology Group was formed in 2003 and has provided IT services to a large number of commercial and both local and state government organisations across Perth and Western Australia.  

In 2015 a new department within the business was formed, Phil Allen was engaged to head up this new Digital Team. Leveraging Phil’s strategic knowledge and understanding of digital, it was his intention to approach the solution offerings from previous learnings on both client and agency side experiences.  His team would not approach opportunities and client requests in a conventional way but dig deeper into the problems at hand and ensure the project parameters and business objectives were aligned to meet the demands of the Digital Age.

At the start of the financial year in 2018, it was decided that the department should be split from  the Integranet Technology Groups structure and a new business was formed, Integranet Digital.  It was however agreed that the business should remain as one from an outward looking in perspective and so website was developed, providing key information of service and product offerings from both businesses. 

At the end of 2020 Phil and Natasha Allen lead Integranet Digital and their team into a new chapter by acquiring 100% share ownership of the business. 

The founding business Integranet Technology Group remains with directors Peter Peou, Bentley DeCinque and Brent Zekulich.

Our growth, our narrative.  

Now under new ownership, with an array of respected market leading solutions a growing team, and loyal customers it has become clear that the digital services and offerings provided by Integranet Digital have evolved. There is a fundamental need to better communicate, and present the business for who we now are, and who we want to become. This evolution will take place and all our clients and partners will be able to be part of this, they and you will see a clear transition as Integranet Digital is absorbed into Dapth.

Dapth is our new name and narrative, a new venture and an accurate representation of the team that will support both our local, national, and global growth. The business will stay true to its foundation, be an honest and transparent development partner and solution provider. Services will continue to be better articulated and expanded inline with work already undertaken, but simplified to make it more widely accessible to both existing and new clients both large and small.

“What WE DU is understand the complexity, find, and build solutions, dig for as long as we need too, find answers and build success. At our very core we are explorers, we are creators. We will change your business for the better and build on our relationships with you. Through us, you thrive as WE DIGITALLY UNITE you with your teams, with your tools and your processes. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have damn good glasses...are you ready for a digital revolution?”

- Phil Allen & Natasha Allen, Dapth

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