Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing (Free Download)

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Change is a constant in business – marketers should always be ready for it. Digital marketing is at an inflection point where it must evolve to meet current and upcoming changes, challenges, and opportunities.

Digital marketing – changes, challenges, and opportunities

Technology has been a driving enabler of digital marketing, but technology for technology’s sake is not a winning path. Marketing technology (MarTech) stacks have grown to overwhelming proportion, to the point where marketers must be strategic thinkers when selecting the most effective technologies, particularly the ones that will propel successful marketing into the future.

Continuous change in technology isn’t the only factor transforming the future direction of digital marketing

Organisations are increasingly expecting marketing groups to take responsibility for improved revenue and growth. A crucial factor of that growth centers on happy and successful customers. Marketing growth initiatives (current or future) without a customer focus will not succeed. Digital marketers must transform approaches to customer experiences and communications to better reflect how customers are shifting their buying behaviors and how brands clearly deliver value to customers.

To help you prepare for the future, this download, from our friends at Kentico, will cover:

  • Factors driving the transformation of digital marketing and how to remain relevant
  • Benefits of digital marketing evolution including conversational interfaces, advanced marketing analytics, data privacy regulations, and machine intelligence
  • New approaches to content and communications and the reasons why you should embrace digital experience platforms, headless content management systems, and evolving content forms
  • How to leverage new technologies in marketing