Website Personalisation | Use Kentico to Growth Hack Your Site Performance [Part 2]

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Your Kentico CMS is holding the key to personalised user journeys. This means better UX, upsell opportunities and so much more.

Website personalisation means you have the one website, but you can show the most impactful information to a user type based on data driven insights.

Mastering the art of personalised content can seriously enhance your website's performance, and your Kentico CMS can make it happen. As promised here is the awaited follow up to our previous article, if you missed it we recommend having a quick read on how to growth hack your website performance using tailored user content.

A great example of a CMS offering powerful personalisation is Kentico, we may be a little biased but it is true. It comes with an out of the box web content personalisation functionality and segmentation (depending on the license you purchase) that enables the delivery of the right content to the right person at the right time. When correctly implemented the platform analyses browser history and live data, combining demographics, behaviour and customer context (purchase stage, location and time of day are just a few examples), to provide an intuitive user experience.

Utilising the built-in web analytics module enables you to track visited pages, identify the most frequent users, and create the most relevant content based on their interests. Although our focus is about the personalisation side of the website, the CMS has a strong analytics offering which is worth investigating further. You can even tailor content and personalisation through the use of page builder widgets. These allow you to create multiple display variants based on audience types set up using predefined conditions.

As an organisation creating content using Kentico, not only do you benefit from it being highly flexible and scalable, with a plug-and-play style user interface, most importantly marketers and administrators gain independence with the ability to easily create new content for their website immediately. Partnering personalised content, ease of use and data driven analytics will enable a highly personalised website experience, a formidable combination to achieve positive results for your business.

What is content personalisation and how do I use it? Watch this neat video from our friends.

Before you start personalising content using a CMS

You’ll need to think through what data and information you are using to provide this tailored experience. This includes the setup and use of persona’s, contact groups, contact activities, contact scoring and campaigns. Our team regularly run specific workshops that enable our clients to map out, plan and understand their user audience and build a tailored website experience accordingly.

It is also important to consider GDPR compliance, ensuring there has been enough action taken for a user to give consent for you to collect, store and use their data. After all at the core of web personalisation is the collection and use of your user's data. For those more technically savvy, with Kentico you can use macros to influence the visibility of information of consent-dependant information. Get in touch with our developers to ask how.

Let’s get personal and achieve growth together

Investing in a CMS with web personalisation functionality can be an effective way to enhance the customer experience and boost your sales and conversion rates. Using a CMS rather than a bespoke website is not only more cost effective than hiring a programmer, but also means you can quickly and easily tweak and adapt the design and content of your site to maximise your ROI. It is easier said than done, which is where our team comes in. Book a free no-obligation consultation.

If you came here looking for more information on personalised administrator interfaces, robust user permissions and easy to use dashboards on the backend of your website. We can help implement these to create faster adoption by end users, reduced training times and increased productivity across your organisation. If you simply want to have a cup of coffee and someone to talk to we'd love to have a chat, send us a quick email.

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