Growth Hacking - Not Just a Term Used for Startups (Free Download)

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Growth hacking is a term loosely thrown around nowadays. But from its creation it was never meant to be something purely for startups. And the real “secret” of growth hacking success is not just the mindset of the team, not some super-cool toolset.

In this article that's free to download you'll get all the tips and insights needed to take advantage of this term, taking it from a buzzword to real results for your team or company.

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Growth Hacking has exploded past the endless promotional noise of traditional marketing by merging out-of-the-box creativity with a strong customer focus. And to achieve high performance growth, add into the mix adept use of technologies and customer-responsive product development.

Growth Hacking: The New Hybrid

For Growth Hacking to work well, there can be no silos in organizations, whether a startup or a well-established company. It takes many roles to pull off successful hacks.

Why “Growth Hacks”?

Growth hacking didn’t just pop up from nowhere—it began with the technology industry, influenced by Agile and Lean technology development, and, even more importantly, the limited or sometimes non-existent marketing budgets of technology startups. Growth hacking also came from the realization that traditional marketing wasn’t very effective for creating fast growth for online startups.

The Allure of Viral Hacks

The classic trademark of growth hacks is virality, something that is especially important for startups. The most successful hacks are ones that quickly and infectiously move through large numbers of people, often based on the product itself providing just what they need. This then inspires people to spread the word, usually through social channels, further fueling virality.

The Realities of Growth

Growth hacking has a tight fit for startups that are online businesses. But all kinds of businesses can benefit from growth hacking methods, especially since marketing is now largely digital. In established companies, the path to growth may need to be more of a marathon than the sprints that smaller startups favour. Or individual growth hacks may need to interconnect purposefully to handle the larger challenges of such companies.

Characteristics of the Growth Hacker Team

Characteristics of the Growth Hacker Team The characteristics cited most often for growth hackers are things such as creativity, curiosity, fearlessness, and challenging the status quo. Growth hackers are often obsessed with rapid growth and are able to spin out hacks in record time.

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