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Our techsplorers have been backing organisations in Perth with purpose built intranets for years. We believe your intranet is key to your employee or customer experience, and a significant element to organisational transformation.

We have really enjoyed working with the team at Integranet to develop our intranet and website. We were given multiple solutions to choose from as development progressed, and plenty of top-tips.
Alison Hill

Alison Hill

Marketing & Communications Manager, Rise Network

Intranet, Extranet & Portal Developers in Perth


In today’s modern workplace, staff are constantly moving and are bombarded with emails. The majority of organisations either plan to implement some form of digital hub or are planning to revamp their intranet but are not sure where to start. Transform internal communications with a modern intranet and an effective intranet strategy. As reputable intranet developers in Perth, Integranet Digital can provide everything your employees need to create a central source of truth with essential information, in a mobile responsive and clean layout that you (and your team) would want to use every day.

What our local intranet developers do daily.

Our team build centralised digital hubs that increase collaboration, equipping Perth organisations with the ability to communicate efficiently, share news, manage documents, increase compliance, identify trends, discuss potential issues, build company culture and plenty more.

Our developers will tailor your intranet, extranet or portal to your local needs, using global best practice and leading methodology. From just a quick chat with our techsplorers we can share how we’ve been developing intranets in Perth and how other clients have overcome similar challenges. Our focus is to keep your intranet development process as smooth as possible and create a high level of user acceptance and staff buy-in.

Custom intranet development with all the features.

At Integranet Digital, we understand that every organisation is different and has different requirements when it comes to their intranet. As such, we work closely with you to custom build intranets with the specific features that your employees need which include: 

  • Integrated Directories – Find the right team member with the right skills instantly. Stop the double handling of outdated details with a company directory that is integrated with your Active Directory and maintained with user profiles.
  • News & Events Pages – No more isolated team members; with news and events pages featuring calendar integration that also allows you to export details to your own calendar.
  • Smart Search – One search bar that looks through all pages, news, events, directories and even content within a document. Finding the right information should be easy.
  • Document Management – Avoid dated documents cluttering up your drives. Imagine all of your documents (synced with your document management software) at your employees' fingertips 24/7.
  • Communication Hub - Connect employees everywhere with staff forums, messaging and notification features to help them feel special and supported.
  • Interactive Maps – Combining integrations with API’s to create a Google-like map with multiple location pins and custom details. This allows you to add in those important notes about a certain site for everyone to see.
  • Custom Pages & Widgets – Build your own additional pages, knowledge bases or FAQ sections, or even a page that has a bit of everything. We can create all the functionality you need and set up the page templates you want
  • Personas & Custom User Journeys – Your team is busy, personalise each employee’s experience and avoid flooding your intranet with irrelevant information by only showing them information based on pre-set personas. We can even help you build and understand what your personas are, ask us how.
  • Workflows & User Permissions – Protect your information with secure areas on your intranet site. We can also build workflows to automate and streamline specific tasks to keep you organised.

Should you choose a SharePoint or CMS based Intranet?

We are able to harness the power of Kentico and Microsoft SharePoint. Having experience and capability in both platform types gives us the ability and insight to recommend the best approach for your organisation. You’ll also benefit from a team of local in-house intranet developers (we don’t outsource) who will build your platform and train your staff on how to use it.

We understand government intranet policies too.

We’ve worked with a large number of local councils and are fully aware of the Australian Government's policies and programmes that are in place to protect data and the community. We are experienced in handling confidential information, adhering to best practice regulations and ensuring strict compliance. Whether your platform requires secure areas, multiple user types or integrates with 3rd party software, our intranet developers will keep you covered.

We're here to help with the best intranet for you.

  • Easy Management – We build intranets that are easy to use, giving you control of your site and content (look and feel) without a heavy reliance on developers, saving on future costs.
  • Software Integration – Leverage tools you're already using by making them even more accessible. Our intranet developers can help build integrations with Microsoft Share Point, Office 365, CRM and ERP systems.
  • Mobile Friendly – To support the growth of decentralised offices and a moving workforce, we design and build your intranet with mobile responsive layouts. We can even do this with any future mobile apps you might need.

Let's Talk...

The number one reason employee intranets fail is due to unclear ownership and a lack of governance is normal if you’ve never had to build one before, or don’t have a team internally to do it. We guide businesses on how to gain ROI and value out of their intranets, helping them to navigate through challenges and trends facing organisations today. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Do you have experience with Microsoft SharePoint?


We love using SharePoint and our in-house developers are experienced with setting up integrations so that all your legacy systems can talk to each other, creating a truly central location for your staff internally and externally. We also offer other document hosting and portal solutions depending on your needs.

Can having an intranet improve productivity and efficiencies?

Having an intranet helps your employees and organisation be more productive in different ways. This includes improving the efficiency of internal processes and timely internal updates to news and documents alike. Intranets help to streamline and digitise processes online, utilising modern tools to improve tasks. We use intranets to save time so that your staff can spend less on admin tasks, and more on getting valuable work completed.

What is involved in developing an intranet?

To build an effective intranet that helps increase efficiency our team will review your document management system, staff pain points and key requirements, where it is to be hosted and key security requirements, what calendars or booking systems are used, how tasks or projects are managed, and what integrations are needed.

Which platform should I use for my business's Intranet development?

The best intranet platform depends on the technology currently in use, or the best suited to your core internal needs. We recommend Microsoft Sharepoint for the more simple intranets that need to be delivered quickly, alternatively for a more customised intranet experience alongside your public website and any customer portals, we recommend Kentico as the CMS to build your custom intranet.

Why does my business need an intranet?

Your business needs an intranet to create a virtual central location, where irrespective of location, staff can access company documents in a secure way. This alleviates version control issues, and that staff turnover doesn't impact access to knowledge and resources. Your intranet also builds internal culture, creating a space where staff can actively participate and feel part of the company's daily activities.

Will my intranet protect my business's confidential files and information?

If you are building an intranet, that means confidential company documentation will be accessible online and remotely. Our team protect your files and information by offering security features such as 2-factor authentication and login from domain-specific email addresses. As we work alongside many local government organisations, our team are tasked with the handling of highly confidential documentation and can advise best practice and best fit against your requirements.

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