We’ve chosen to work with Kentico, an all-in-one ASP.NET content management system (CMS) that fully integrates web content management, e-commerce, digital marketing and intranet on one platform. Kentico provides an online marketing solution which focuses on empowering you - the marketers and business owners. Together with Kentico, we can enable you to deliver and optimise real-time customer centric solutions across a wide range of channels for your business.

Kentico CMS places the customer at the heart of your story. Smart digital marketing made easy.

If your business requires a platform that rolls all your digital needs into one seamless package, then Kentico is the best solution for you.

As one of the two gold Kentico partners in Western Australia, we are able to adapt, build and train your team so they can reap the rewards too. No more dealing with disparate systems, waiting around or having to jump in and out of interfaces. Kentico makes your website and digital marketing strategy effortless to produce.

Integranet are Gold Partners of Kentico CMS.

At Integranet Digital we hold Kentico Gold partner status because our clients are worth investing in, we pride ourselves on working with the latest software and businesses that focus on innovation. 

Integranet Digital is a step ahead in Perth when it comes to treading the digital landscape. 

In a competitive marketplace filled with many options for content management systems, we choose to use Kentico as one of our technological foundations for many of our website development projects because Kentico aligns with our forward thinking attitude and has a core focus on customers. 

The benefits of teaming up with Kentico.

  • Once everything has been implemented by our digital team, you can easily manage all your website content
  • With seamless integration across multiple channels, your business will have the ability to provide great customer experiences
  • Your digital campaigns can be monitored and set-up across various mediums, making them highly effective
  • We’ve integrated Kentico with TechONE Products, MS Dynamics, SharePoint and Google Places, and are constantly working with the platform on additional integrations as it ever-evolves with new client needs.

Be on top of your digital marketing strategy with Kentico.

From website analytics and email marketing to A/B testing, website personalisation and automation - once your website development is complete, you have full control.

The Kentico platform is fully integrated with a wide selection of digital marketing tools, all designed for smarter business solutions to align with your digital needs and business requirements.

We only use Kentico for major web projects.

Our experienced Perth team have worked closely with Kentico solutions on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform, on-premise and the Cloud. We don’t usually toot our own horn, but at Integranet Digital we hold the largest number of Kentico certified Web Developers in Western Australia. 

So, whether your business requires mobile or desktop capabilities, or both, our team of techsplorers can combine their knowledge and qualifications and the tools and integrations provided by Kentico, to create a seamless production and management of your website immediately. Book a FREE consultation today.

From website or digital solution build and beyond.

Integranet Digital offer an end-to-end solution for your business - including IT Services and Digital Strategy, and when it comes to utilising the Kentico program, we are no different.

Therefore, as part of our business proposal, we include full training.  We don’t just deliver your marketing solution on a plate and leave you to it. We want to make sure you get the most from our efforts, utilising every feature available, so let’s work together to get your team up to speed and maximise your business results.

Our teams go-to for SEO/SEM.

When it comes to building SEO/SEM campaigns, we select what we believe is right for your business. With Kentico's forward thinking ideas and innovative approach, they currently tick all the boxes.

Take a look at some of our projects where we have used Kentico to provide the ideal digital and all round solution.

  • Perth Zoo went from a 9 to 5 business to a 24 hour sales machine, see how we achieve a 77% increase in sales overnight.
  • The City of Cockburn intranet project, was the Integranet Digital team’s first major project using this solution, and we have seen some impressive results. 
  • WALGA's website was the very first public facing site we utilised Kentico for, and have continued since, the results speak for themselves.

Concerned about GDPR and data protection?

Kentico offers an all-in-one email marketing solution that aligns with new Global Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) guidelines. Their endless e-commerce possibilities utilise their data protection app to prevent any nasty surprises and put your customers first. Not sure if GDPR affects your business? Get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

Ready to be Your Kentico CMS Perth Partner. 

We’d be happy to talk you through how we work hand-in-hand with a number of reliable and forward-thinking digital solution providers in Perth, WA, simply give us a call or drop us an email to discuss anything in detail.


Are there any disadvantages of using Kentico?

The advantages and disadvantages of Kentico depend on how you plan on using it. Kentico is considered a middleweight enterprise platform, so it is a considerable improvement compared to using WordPress but does have a yearly subscription cost depending on the level of license needed. It does require the support of developers to set up the platform initially, however, we provide full training so that post-development you can independently operate and manage your website.

Can you assist me with transferring my website from Drupal to Kentico?

From Drupal over to Kentico, ensuring no data is lost in the process. We can also help replicate Drupal features and functionality onto Kentico, while at the same time improving the way in which you previously managed your website content.

Is Kentico Google & SEO friendly?

Kentico offers a wide range of features that helps support and improve your SEO performance. From simple on page editing for content to custom alias and URL shortening functions, there is a wide range of functions available that your SEO team will love about using Kentico. Complimentary to this, our developers build with clean code, and structure sites to perform well according to Google's standards. The rest of SEO is about content on your site, and we will give you full guidance on how to manage this.

What level of support can I expect from using Kentico?

We are the number one Kentico development and implementation partner in all of Australia. This means you have access to the very best in Kentico expertise available from our local in-house development team. We offer a range of support packages and development approaches to offer the right level of support required.

Why should I choose Kentico for my CMS over Wordpress?

WordPress is simply a technology used to manage your website. It is considered easy to set up and get started, but over time our clients have found it becomes time heavy to manage and operate regularly. Kentico, however, is an enterprise-level solution designed to grow and scale without becoming slower and harder to use.

Will I receive training on how to use Kentico?

Yes, all of our website packages include Kentico training. We do not believe in retainer-based relationships, instead, aim to transfer full control of your website over to you. We can also provide additional Kentico How To Guides, and there is plenty of training material accessible online. We want clients to return to us for new work, or refer us on to friends, not return to us because they don't have the knowledge or access required to manage their own website.

Kentico in action

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API development & integration
Moore Stephens
Online portal development & integration
Website development
City of Cockburn
Intranet development & integration