Kentico vs Drupal CMS Comparison

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Kentico or Drupal - which CMS is right for your business?

New clients are always asking us how they can save time and resources through a more effective Content Management System (CMS).

With a wide range of CMS solutions available on the market, we understand how this topic can become confusing and often overwhelming. Customers typically should first decide whether they are looking for an open source CMS solution (such as Drupal) or a proprietary solution (such as Kentico).

The difference between open source and proprietary software.

Open source CMS is freely accessible and can be viewed by anyone. The source code is typically developed by a community of passionate individuals rather than owned by a company. Proprietary software, on the other hand, is designed and developed by a particular company and distributed at a cost. Usually customers have access with some form of paid license but benefit from a more advanced solution.

From initial comparisons open source CMSs such as Drupal are perceived to be a cost effective solution, however with a little more research (or if you’ve used one in the past) you will find that the total cost of ownership (TCO) turns out to be far more than the up-front cost.  Contributors are that they typically offer limited out of the box features and they require a hefty fee to upgrade to a full-featured version. The limited features also lead to a heavy reliance of developers, where good ones are hard to find, and they come at a high price.

One small fee can unlock huge potential.

Proprietary software, such as Kentico, offer an all-in-one CMS platform which include powerful out-of-the-box functionality up front. This enables incredible levels of customisation and highly efficient website development. Although you are required to purchase a paid license, it is still a very attractive option from an economic standpoint due to the value given to customers, again with the focus on the TCO compared to Drupal. Coincidently our team is highly experienced in implementing tailored Kentico solutions for small to large companies, local and state government organisations, so we can help to answer any questions you may have.

Things to be aware of when thinking of using an open source CMS.

  • Limited features in free version
  • Add-ons cost extra
  • Limited support
  • CMS updates can create functionality issues
  • Inconsistent user interfaces
  • Heavy reliance on an anonymous developer community
  • You could be using modules that haven’t undergone full testing
  • Open source can make you vulnerable to hacking and data breaches
  • You'll need a developer if you want to make changes
  • Good developers are hard to find and expensive

The reasons why we always choose Kentico instead, and why you should consider it too.

  • Highly secure, tested platform with a proven reputation
  • Massive library of out of the box features
  • Updates can be implemented with ease
  • Thoroughly tested for security flaws and issues (check out their trees for bugs initiative)
  • Over 400 built-in web parts
  • You have full ownership and full control of making changes to your site
  • Support is available 24/7 and it’s included with your license
  • User-friendly interface for easy updates
  • Great value for money when you consider the total cost of ownership
  • We are the only Perth web development company with 5 Kentico certified developers

To help you understand the difference between an open source CMS and proprietary software we have developed the below table to show you a comparison between Drupal (open source) and Kentico (proprietary). If tables aren't your thing, book a free meeting with our team.





Kentico CMS is a fully integrated ASP.NET, e-commerce, and online marketing platform that allows customers to create cutting-edge websites and optimise user experience.
Drupal is an open source CMS and web development platform. It has a wide range of features and functionality which is made possible by a global online community.






Advanced User Management
Booking System
Graphics Management
Document Management
Page Content Management
Event Calendar
Image Editor
Media Libraries
Open Source
Multilingual Content
Multi-site Management
Many Modules, Designs & Displays
Online Forms
Page Templates
Search Engine Optimization
Translation Management
Versioning and Archiving
WebDAV Support
A/B Testing
Contact Management
Email Marketing
Integrated Campaign Management
Social Marketing
Web Analytics
Checkout Process
Taxes Calculation Authentication
Open API
Web Farm Support
Web Standards

Projects suited

E-commerce businesses require an all-in-one digital solution to generate revenue online; Professional enterprises and government bodies requiring the ability to integrate with other internal business systems/apps in order to improve operational efficiency and cost saving.
Social publishing and community projects; clients with flexible modular layout and extensive opportunities for customisation in-house.


Starting from $5,999 AU
Free with limited features
[Table according to Financial Online Reviews for Business]

See how G2 Crowd compared Drupal to Kentico.

On the back of other international awards, Kentico has been receiving high levels of praise. G2 Crowd (a leading real-time user review community) awarded Kentico as Spring 2019 High Performer for Web Content Management, and their G2 score placed them above the likes of Drupal, Joomla and Sitecore. Check out their site for the direct comparison here. Kentico is always popping up for awards and recognition.

If website security part of your key criteria.

Open source is good as the community can look through the code and help identify security issues however unfortunately in the case of Drupal Armageddon (1, 2 and 3) attackers were able to remotely and anonymously exploit Drupal websites. Although the security issues may not be as bad as WordPress, this still may be something to consider if you have strict security requirements and may be heavily impacted by a cyber attack or data breach.

Need to make a decision soon?

The website development and software industry is in a constant state of innovation which is great, however it makes it hard to keep up with the latest advancements. If you search the web for forums and discussions on Kentico and Drupal you can find plenty of arguments for both but these aren’t specific to what you may actually need, now and in the future. When considering what CMS is best for your business, take advantage of our free consultation where our team will happily answer any questions you have and help you make an informed decision. We can review your digital requirements, develop a strategy and create a powerful solution that will exceed your expectations.

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