Perth Zoo

Digital strategy

Helping to bring the Zoo into the digital future.


Perth Zoo is one of the top tourist attractions in Western Australia. With the digital world more prominent now than ever, they understood the need to be more proactive in this space, and we have been working continuously with them on the development of a 5 year long digital strategy.

The Challenge

Perth Zoo has been using several software solutions, many of which do not have the ability to support the business going forward in our ever-evolving digital world.

The Integranet Digital Perth team was required to review the Zoo's emerging needs in a holistic manner; and identify a range of pro-active digital solutions across more standard technologies.


The Solution

To solve Perth Zoo’s problem the Integranet Digital web developers and online marketing team came up with a digital strategy for Perth Zoo by looking across the entire business and unpackaging the day to day issues from the longer-term problems.

Through a series of facilitated workshops that included staff from all levels of the business and across all departments, we drilled down to expose these problems in more detail. This involved validating those problems and fleshing out potential high-level digital solutions.

This approach supported staff transparency and contribution, and resulted in some immediate solutions to some of the IT and digital marketing problems.

The Result

The Perth Zoo Digital Strategy identified and validated all problems encountered by the business and outlined four digital pillars on which to focus; creating 21 project briefs which mapped synergies, relationships and key objectives.

These included alignment with business targets, KPIs and customer charters. This project is now seeking budget approval. Watch this space for more information on the Perth Zoo project.

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