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A true digital transformation for a local icon, powerful backend integration and a user experience aimed to drastically increase sales


Exceeding all expectations we built the Perth Zoo website with an integration focus. Overnight there was a drastic increase in sales and revenue, but here’s the catch – the new website looks exactly the same as the old one. What did our developers do? This is a classic story of how not all websites are created equal.

Perth Zoo is one of Perth’s most iconic attractions for locals and tourists alike, and with that kind of reputation their website was getting a workout. Our mission was to enhance the eCommerce functionality for a truly seamless ticket purchasing experience. Now everyone can easily access the magic of Perth Zoo.


sales increase in Close Encounters*

With a plethora of events, various session types, complex ticket discounting scenarios and an active point of sale system that never stops, Perth Zoo knew that the complexity of their website meant they required a complete rebuild. After winning the project through a stringent tender process our team developed a well coded, thought out and scalable cloud-based solution that focus on integrating with their point of sale system.


The Challenge

Being such a well-known and popular establishment, the Perth Zoo ticketing and booking system is one of the most active our developers have seen to date. The main issues however was that the current system lacked in performance and did not encourage users to purchase tickets and book events online, instead opting to either calling the Zoo or purchasing at the front counter. This meant that the Zoo needed additional staff at the front counters to manage all the on-the-day sales.

Perth Zoo also relied heavily upon InTouch, a point of sale ticketing system used at their front counters all year round. Our team needed to integrate the website with the ticketing system so all purchasing information was instantly reflected on their main database.

The freedom to run wild

It was clear that the new website needed to be built in a way that staff internally could fully rely on the system and manage all the content and data with ease themselves, and the user experience (UX) was one that supported an intuitive purchasing journey that catered for all the possible ways a user may like to purchase a ticket or book an event (or both). Our team wanted to remove the daily reliance from developers and empower the staff at Perth Zoo to fully own and manage their own website. This would reduce on-going management costs and increase the ability to make content updates on the site so that visitors had the latest information as soon as it was available.

The Solution

The Integranet team forged an intuitive solution that enabled people to have the opportunity meet the animals by developing a robust ticket management system, easy to book events system with and a live calendar for simple purchasing and reservation functionality.

  • Live ticket & stock management synced with point of sale software. Synced with an API to connect purchases online to InTouch, a visitor can now purchase a ticket anywhere at any time and instantaneously get access into the Zoo.
  • Session holding shopping cart. The new website can temporarily hold items in the cart while the user is checking out, so someone else doesn’t purchase the last spot while they are still browsing.
  • Interaction for a better visitor experience. The Perth Zoo website features an interactive map, showing what’s going on around the Zoo, the ability to plan your day plus additional information about exhibits and animals. Visitors can access the latest information while walking around the Zoo all at a tap of a finger.
  • Memberships and account management. The site allows users to sign up to a free account to track their past purchases and to manage their booked upcoming events. Users can sign up for new memberships or renew existing ones with ease, which helps the Zoo with promotions and communication campaigns. The website's onboarding process recognises past Zoo guests and imports their existing account and membership information when they first sign in, as well as syncing it with InTouch to keep data user updated and accurate.
  • Marketing automation for winners. Our team set up several automated processes that send reminder emails to guests, for example, when a Zoo Experience is coming up. We also used automation to send a follow up offer to guests who have recently visited the Zoo (and purchase a ticket online) the chance to purchase an annual membership.
  • Kentico EMS to manage website content. Due to the popularity and traffic handled on the website, Kentico was selected, offering a secure and stable platform to develop the solution on. This means the site can be relied upon to showcase the amazing work Perth Zoo does all year round 24/7. As an internationally renowned CMS, Kentico has a proven reputation in being able to handle all the simple and complex requirements that content managers would require, and is highly cost effective compared to many other options on the market. 

The Results

The new Perth Zoo website boasts a truly dynamic user experience. Complete with an intuitive ticket purchasing system and events management, the new website continues to exceeded expectations.
In delivering a new website, backed with powerful eCommerce functionality, the team can now be less reliance on staff at the front counter to carry the pressure of busy queues.

“What Integranet has done with the Kentico platform has transformed Perth Zoo from a 9 to 5 business to a 24 hour business. Comparing the first month of general admission sales to the previous year there has been a significant increase in online sales and an increase in total sales, indicating its not just a transfer from onsite to online sales sales have increased efficiency for all patrons (less queue time) and administrative staff.

Our Close Encounter sales increased 77% from the same month in the previous year, with the biggest growth seen in products featured for an upsell with admission tickets. Online Membership sales in the first month increased 49% compared to the same month in the previous year, again without cannibalising onsite sales.”

- Claire Wright, Perth Zoo, Director Community Engagement

The website now works 24/7 to process purchases and orders online, meaning more can be invested into the daily management of the Zoo, and staff can spend more time where it matters most – caring for their animals and visitors. It’s never been a better time to visit the Perth Zoo. Check out what’s on now or purchase a ticket and experience the magic for yourself.

*from the same month in the previous year

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