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Website design & development

Building an accessible website that delivers consistently across multiple devices for all user types.


Rise possessed a purpose-built WordPress website, but they relied heavily on an external provider for content updates and all significant changes. Once they began planning their rebrand, Rise recognised the opportunity to not just give their website a new look, but make it faster and more cost-effective to update, too.

Patnering with Rise Network in Developing a New Digital Presence


As a leading National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, Rise delivers services to a variety of clients, from young people at risk, to those experiencing mental health issues, people with disability, carers, and the elderly. Operating for over 35 years, Rise has done everything from helping their clients establish friendships in their local communities, to assisting them with finding employment. 

“We worked with Integranet to create the website remotely from our offices for the majority of the project...

...they were on hand and responded quickly and efficiently each time we needed their assistance via email and over the phone.

It’s also great to work with a team who are honest and give their expertise guidance and knowledge when a request is not always doable or technically appropriate. The Rise team were often given multiple solutions to choose from as the website progressed, and plenty of top-tips to ensure consistency and functionality were maintained.”

- Alison Hill Marketing & Communications Manager, Rise

The Challenge

Understanding that their clients’ accessibility needs are as diverse as their situations, Rise was keen to ensure the new site would be WCAG 2.0 compliant and adaptable for display across a variety of devices, such as desktop, tablet and mobile. This foundation would allow them to deliver information and services consistently and fairly to all their online visitors.

Security was also an essential concern for the new website. Any information Rise clients submitted online would need to be completely confidential and secure. Additionally, the website would be able to accept donations from supporters, so secure handling of financial details via integration with the eWay payment gateway was also necessary.

The website also needed a jobs board which could integrate with Rise’s internal HRM business application, ActionHRM. This jobs board includes the display of job vacancy titles, their location, the type of employment and the date posted, along with options for visitors to sort and filter jobs.

Finally, the Rise marketing team were keen to enhance their digital strategy, including options to manage page metadata for effective indexing from search engines, along with allowing site visitors to subscribe to the Rise newsletter and leveraging the site to push content to key social media channels. 

The Solution

It was easy to see that Kentico would be a great match for Rise’s needs, both for its ability to integrate with their various business systems, and for its straightforward interface. Kentico’s customisable widgets would also enable staff to customise pages easily, while always keeping the site consistent in look and feel, removing the historical reliance on external developers for many common website management tasks.

Additionally, the marketing team would be able to access a great variety of tools to help Rise reach out to its clients and share the information they needed, when they needed it. Over the course of 12 months, they were trained with to managing their own website content independently of any web development agency.

  • Kentico CMS
  • Powerful integration
  • Local development
  • Full training
  • Reduced on-going costs
  • More control

The Result

Rise’s new website is responsive, quick to update and very accessible. Text size and layouts change depending on browser zoom, and keyboard accessibility is enabled, allowing users to browse the site without using a mouse if needed. ‘Skip to content’, ‘Skip to navigation’ and ‘Skip to search’ shortcuts are available to both keyboard users and website visitors using screen readers.

The new site’s design also ensures adequate colour contrast, mindful that colour is never used as the only source for conveying information, but rather is used to highlight what is already visible and presented to the user. Additionally, all form fields have clear labels with descriptive error messages.

Not-for-profit organisations frequently require their staff to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, which can make going through changes like the development of an entirely new website stressful for staff. Our team kept this in mind throughout development, and adapted to changing priorities and timelines in order to successfully deliver the project.

With 8 Kentico certified developers, and as a Gold Solution Partner, our team was able to create a high performing website with leading development techniques and backend solutions. The new website will support Rise not just now, but well into the future, helping to keep them delivering top-notch services to their clients efficiently and effectively.