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An easy-to-use intranet tailored to the needs of its organisation.


A staff intranet should be as unique as the organisation using it. Rise benefited from the transformative influence an intranet has on corporate processes. Now they have a functional, useful intranet with benefits rolling out for many years to come.

Intranet Development for Perth Not For Profit Rise


As a leading National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, Rise delivers a variety of services to a diverse range of clients. We were in the process of building their external website when we proceeded with the next step of their digital transformation strategy. Rise was looking for an experience intranet developer to support their staff looking after their clients, with access to information, streamlining communications and being accessible remotely across different  devices. We couldn't wait to partner with them on our second joint project.


Essentially Rise wanted an intranet their staff both needed and wanted to use.

The Challenge

Rise required their new intranet to have a single location for staff to access news, events and internal communications, with the ability to match the information staff were presented with to their roles in the organisation. This personalisation would assist staff uptake of the new system, essential to ensuring consistent information sharing across multiple Perth offices. 

Also important for staff uptake of the new solution was making it as easy as possible for them to find what they needed on the intranet without having to dig deep into multiple nested sub-pages with slow load times. This meant a clear information architecture and the ability to promote content.

Additionally, the new intranet would need to automate as much of the administration work as possible, so that content editors could focus on producing timely, relevant material rather than admin tasks. Lastly, the new intranet would need to match the new Rise brand identity.

The Solution

To maximise the ease and speed with which content managers could update the intranet, Kentico was used as the new platform. This allowed updates to be performed from within the same administrative location as the Rise website, making it a simple process to keep both up-to-date.

The modular drag-and-drop nature of Kentico widgets also enabled Perth based intranet editors the power to manage the configuration, layout and display of pages as required, reducing their need to rely on external developers. This included the ability for editors to create and manage intranet forms, allowing them to easily gain important feedback from staff, without the mess of email and paper forms.

To ensure staff saw the information they needed most, first, user roles were created. These would then determine what content was displayed to individual staff members on the Rise intranet homepage. They were powered via integration with Active Directory and the Rise HR system (Action HRM) which also enabled generating an online staff directory which would directly synch with data from Action HRM. Intranet event calendars were also then able to be imported into individual staff member’s Outlook configurations.

The integration with Rise’s HR system also allowed for streamlined intranet permissions management. New staff details are automatically passed from Action HRM to the intranet, with security settings then determined according to their user account details. 

User roles also allowed for nuanced workflow processes, which were implemented to help automate the intranet content publishing process. This included generating system emails to be sent to people with relevant ‘approver’ roles once a page was flagged for publishing. Automatic expiry workflows were also developed, so that content with a set life span could be removed from the site at a pre-defined date.

The new intranet also integrates with Rise’s EDRMS (Bluebox), allowing the creation of a document library providing users with the confidence that they are accessing the most recent version of any document. All documents in the library can be searched for, sorted, filtered and linked to from other intranet pages.

The Result

Collaborating with Rise’s staff and working hard to truly understand their diverse needs, our team was able to deliver a solution that Rise was truly satisfied with. Rise achieved a high staff engagement rate with their new intranet thanks to the user role focused news and event pages, along with the ease of locating documents thanks to the Bluebox EDRMS integration.

A well-designed intranet can greatly enhance day to day operations, along with supporting teams to feel connected and a part of the larger company. Intranet development needs to be done in a holistic, inclusive manner to achieve this. And it must be cost-effective and efficient, particularly for not-for-profit organisations managing a tight budget. Our team used our extensive intranet development experience, and aligned our solution to changing priorities and timelines in order to support Rise on their digital transformation journey.

Our development is all done in-house, with all our intranet developers located in Perth, Western Australia. If you want an intranet done correctly and tailored to your organisation’s goals and needs, get in touch with our team today!