Innovation - digital strategy is the new way of doing business. You need to plan to succeed.

As digital consultants we poke, prod and dissect. We build, destroy, then rebuild. We think laterally. We listen in order to analyse and understand the problem at hand, to ensure a truly tailored outcome.

At Integranet we are passionate about developing effective digital strategies for our Perth clients. We work together with your organisation to embrace and embed the concepts of the digital world into your corporate DNA. We create digital marketing experiences designed to engage your audience and provide efficient and effective services. (Book a FREE consultation)

Digital Strategy Explained.

Digital strategy is an organisational change through the use of digital technologies and business models, designed to improve performance. We understand that businesses and organisations must transform their digital experiences in order to meet the rising expectations of their target market. 

By applying an effective digital strategy, we will deliver more than efficiency and savings to your organisation. 

What are the benefits of a digital strategy?

  • Improve outcomes by supporting behaviour change
  • Ensure that the right people access the right services at the right times
  • Work towards improving trust and engagement between your target markets and your associated services
  • Make your services more efficient and deliver better outcomes

What the Integranet team can do for you.

  • Create digital experiences including websites, mobile apps, eCRM systems and social media channels
  • Conduct business analysis, research, data analytics and testing to understand and optimise digital experiences
  • Provide communication and marketing to support channel shift by increasing usage and uptake of online services
  • Deliver strategy and technology consulting around digital transformation.

How we offer bespoke digital strategies for business.

Our digital strategies revolve around human behaviour. In a world full of data, we are able to uncover the way people think, feel and act to make informed decisions on the best way forward for your business. We take the guesswork out of digital planning and create a tailored digital strategy for your organisation - it’s all in the numbers, if you know where to find them!
At Integranet we focus on:

  • Insight sessions
  • Social analysis
  • Personalisation strategy
  • Communications planning
  • Audience planning
  • Experience mapping
  • Engagement

A tactical approach.

Throughout the planning phase of your strategy we will identify your corporate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, then define your business goals to determine what metrics to use to achieve success. We will then focus on outlining the strategies required to address those goals and the tactics and tools needed to execute the strategies.

View our case studies.

The case studies below highlight how Integranet goes about producing a digital strategy and the outcome as a result.

Want us to take a look at your business and discover how a good digital strategy could make all the difference? Get in touch with our expert consultancy Perth team.  

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