Steven Murphy Electrical

Website migration & development

A tradie website with spark, that keeps powering on while the team are on the tools.


Looking to grow further as a business, Steven Murphy Electrical identified its online presence was an area that once improved could significantly help grow the business.

A New Look Tradie Website For The Team At SME

Steven Murphy is an optimist, networker, forward thinker and all round great electrical contractor. Having founded his company in Perth with a reputation of quality work and brilliant service. It was important for them to gain control of their online content creation allowing them to quickly and independently update content. This would prove critical in building an authoritative online presence in line with their positive reputation.


The Challenge

With a fresh focus on their digital presence, Steven Murphy Electrical was looking for a more cost effective and easy to use CMS platform to align with their current and future needs. They had a live website and needed support to transition it from WordPress to Kentico without negatively impacting user traffic in the process.

Steven Murphy Electrical was having difficulties making content changes to their current WordPress website, having to consult a developer every time something needed to be changed and didn’t feel confident in the company hosting their website. They also felt that a large amount of current business was not well represented on their website, leading to missing out on potential business opportunities.

Already a well-established company, having been operating for 27 years, Steven Murphy Electrical were looking for a website that matched their competency, size and experience as a service provider in Perth.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis of their website and discussion with Steven Murphy Electrical, we drafted an Information Architecture and Site Map Layout that provided an easy to navigate website for the end user. We used Kentico to enable their content editors to have full control over their content and display and give them the ability to manage their pages and product offering easily.

Although their current website had a reasonable first impression, Steven Murphy Electrical wanted a website that enhanced their image, and can grow with the business. It was key that the new website, and new design implemented reflected the level of competence, professionalism and experience their clients had come to know over the last 27 years of operation.

  • Emphasis on Key Business Areas – We highlighted essential services that were generating large amounts of traffic and enquiries for the business. This included using ‘call to actions’ strategically and a custom campaign landing page from AdWords and SEM advertising campaigns.
  • Lead Capture – Our website design used a proven navigational structure for the site to enhance the lead capturing of website visitors. This includes a planned menu structure and ‘quick to complete’ enquiry forms.
  • Growth & independence  - Built by our local Perth developers means all the code was done in house and the site was set up to scale and grow by administrators who didn’t need to have a technical background. Meaning the site has minimal reliance on a web developer every time something needs to be done.

The Result

Our website developers delivered a polished and high functioning website that was consistent with the Steven Murphy Electrical brand and their goal to further establishing their online presence.

It became our most successful website migration project to date.

We used a holistic perspective and wanted to support the client’s digital change correctly, this meant taking the time to understand their core needs and issued faced in the past so we were able to equip them correctly with a website that does what it is supposed to.

Our team helped to migrate content for 20 pages, and built the same number of page templates for the new site so administrators didn’t have to worry on how the website will look every time new content is added in the future. Using Kentico as the CMS (Content Management System) gave a fantastic easy to navigate administrative portal for managing the website internally.

For the local Perth business, the website was extremely cost effective and we provided them with the means to be independent of any website developer (ourselves included). This will continue saving on website maintenance costs in the future too.

If you’re a Perth small business looking for a website that won’t break the bank, that you can use, be independent of your website developer and rely upon for years to come, book us in for a chat.