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We have really enjoyed working with the team at Integranet to develop our intranet and website. We were given multiple solutions to choose from as development progressed, and plenty of top-tips.
Alison Hill

Alison Hill

Marketing & Communications Manager, Rise Network

WordPress Developers Perth


There are a plethora of website building tools or options available, all of them claiming to be the best for you. WordPress is only one of them. Our experienced, Perth based team of developers look at the bigger picture of what your potential WordPress development needs are, align your digital goals, your manpower, budget and ideal customer journeys and propose a plan to develop the right cost-effective website to match. Get your free instant website audit here.

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As a digital consultancy we think differently, we are not salesmen locked into matching you with a single out-of-the-box approach. Find out the benefits a WordPress site can have, and get an assessment whether it would add true value to your company before starting your website development journey.


WordPress development using WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?

The major difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is who is hosting your WordPress website (and where). WordPress.com is a self-hosted service that allows you to quickly set up a website. WordPress.org however allows you to download and install the WordPress software yourself, and use your own web host.

Main differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress.org allows you to download the free WordPress software. It’s open-source meaning you can install it on your own web server and are free to develop your website or get a WordPress web designer or developer to. WordPress.com, on the other hand, although manages all of the hosting for you, locks you into basic website functionality with the free plan. You are required to pay extra to have the freedom to upgrade or add further functionality to your website, which is likely inevitable. What else will you need to pay for? Book a free consultation to find out.

WordPress websites make your company look pretty, and free plugins are great but…

WordPress makes setting up a website quick and easy, and with over 50,000 plugins available you may feel that there are 50,000 options for tailoring your website. This could be achieved but would require hours setting up your website, extra costs when plugin trial periods expire, and the risk of a slow website when too many plugins are in operation. Also, as everyone is sharing the same templates and plugins, there is a risk that other WordPress websites (even competitors) look the same or offer similar functionality to yours. You want your website to stand out and captivate visitors, you don’t want to blend in with your competitors.

9 things WordPress can’t or shouldn’t be used for

It’s important to plan ahead and think through the features and functionality you plan on having on your new website before starting your website development. Some WordPress web development goals that aren’t well suited to the platform include:

  • Endless theme modifications and styling without a developer
  • Powerful workflows and automation out of the box
  • Automated SEO to improve search engine performance
  • Complex search bar functionality
  • 24/7 personalised customer support
  • eCommerce functionality on a large scale
  • Large scale user management
  • High data security requirements
  • Advanced mobile friendly site performance

Need help with WordPress for your web design project?

There are many factors to consider prior to selecting a WordPress web designer or developer in Perth. WordPress is simply technology used to build your website. Why not get some free insights from a Perth based website development team who have a proven reputation and passion to see you succeed. We are able to understand, plan and deliver a finished website, that is cost-effective, easy to manage and performs the way it should, avoiding the pitfalls of using WordPress.

We want our clients to be fully independent from any Perth web development agency, or 3rd party software so you have reduced on-going costs for managing your website. It’s for this very reason we typically don’t end up using WordPress for our website development projects. Book a free consultation and we will revolutionise how you build or re-build your website.

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